*Heritage Holy Ghost int’l ministry* *Weekly devotion* *By Apostle NNAMDI BASIL* *TOPIC:* BORN TO WIN *BIBLE TEXT:* 1john 5:4You Are Born To Win *1 JOHN 5:4 NIV 4* for everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith.God does not expect any of His children to be failures.There is nothing wrong with failing. It’s part of learning. No child learns to walk without falling down multiple times. But they do not stay down, they get back up.No one is a failure until they accept and believe they are failures.Growth is a process. We learn and then make adjustments. No one is born mature.So don’t be discouraged by your present state. Don’t give up just because you have fallen over and over. Get up and go again, Micah 7:8.You are a child of God if Jesus is your Lord, and God placed within you everything you need to be a winner — an overcomer. As you trust in Him, and keep on keeping on, you can walk in victory.Everyone in life must encounter one challenge or the other before victory comes. Jesus while on Earth had challenges before he was victorious,Mark 4:35-41.SAY THIS: Because of Jesus, I am born again to win *Prayer point:*1. Father, i thank You for making me an overcomer in Christ Jesus Amen2. Father, i come into your throne of grace today to recieve mercy and grace to overcome the challenges of Life in Jesus Christ name3. Father, thank you for empowering me by the Holy Ghost to overcome my challenges in Jesus name4. By faith, i destroy every negative dart of the devil in my life in Jesus name5. The power of God is released over my life, therefore, i shall never fall to the enemy in Jesus name6. I cut down every evil resistance standing before me in Jesus Christ name7. I overule every evil claim of the devil over my destiny in Jesus Christ name. Information desk.. For prayer & counselingCall..07015613348

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